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Recent Trial Results- Nikolai Makarenko, Jr.

Jackson State Court:  Plaintiffs demanded $960,000 prior to trial but a Jackson County jury only awarded them $139,490.  Nik represented a truck driver and his employer in a crash involving the Plaintiff and his son that took place 9 years ago.  The employee was driving a tractor trailer when he crossed the center line and […]

Defense Verdict Secured by Attorney Jay Eidex

March 6-7, 2018- The Plaintiff alleged a low back injury after a rear impact collision in 2014, while his wife alleged loss of consortium. The Plaintiff admitted he had prior low back pain in 2011 and 2012, but that his pain had completely resolved in 2012. He alleged the 2014 collision caused a new onset […]


November 2017 – State Court of Hall County Claiming medical injuries to the ulnar nerve in the elbow and median nerve in the wrist were a result of an automobile accident with the Defendant, the Plaintiff presented a Hall County jury with a request for reimbursement of $71,140.00 in medical bills plus a multiple of […]


October 14, 2017 –The Defendant, who was working at the time, fell asleep at the wheel, and after striking the Plaintiff’s truck, the vehicle flipped several times.  The Plaintiff, who was a front seat passenger, claimed injuries to his neck and back. Ultimately Plaintiff underwent surgery to his back, accruing past medical expenses in excess […]

Partner Nik Makarenko secures favorable verdict in Gwinnett County

July 2017 – Attorney Nik Makarenko was successful in defeating a Plaintiff’s claims that her neck and back surgeries were due to a car accident with his client.  Requesting that the the jury award her between  $2.4 to $3.8 million dollars for her damages, the Plaintiff presented 7 before and after witnesses, including family members, co-workers, and […]


September 2017- In an admitted liability case, in which the Plaintiffs sought to recover past medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages from a Gwinnett County jury, attorney Nik Makarenko, Jr., was able to obtain a Judgment against his client that was less than the pre-trial settlement offers. Producing their treating physician live to […]

Lowry v. Cochran

Lowry v. Cochran, 305 Ga.App. 240, 699 S.E.2d 325 (2010): Although the Georgia Court of Appeals declined to find that skydiving was an inherently dangerous activity in this matter of first impression in Georgia, because the skydiver was unable to present evidence that the injuries he sustained resulted from colliding with a spectator rather than […]

O’Hara v. Gilmore

O’Hara v. Gilmore, Ga. App. A11A0075 (July 7, 2011): The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled that the plaintiff’s failure to perfect service of process upon the defendant driver within the statute of limitations, and the resulting dismissal of the plaintiff’s Complaint against her for lack of personal jurisdiction over the defendant driver, precluded maintaining a […]

Kilgore v. Stewart

Kilgore v. Stewart, Ga. App. A10A1089 (November 17, 2010): The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled that the plaintiff’s failure to obtain the trial court’s approval of his attempts to unilaterally dismiss individual defendants in the original suit, prior to filing a purported renewal suit under O.C.G.A. § 9-2-61, required dismissal of the second suit. Pursuant […]