Utilizing the firm’s more than 50 years of combined experience in handling an active, high-volume civil litigation practice, defending and prosecuting cases ranging from automobile accidents, dog bite cases, and slip-and-falls, to other incidents resulting in catastrophic injury, our firm has developed the litigation and trial skills necessary to provide superior, quality legal counseling and representation at a reasonable value. Our experience enables us to distinguish between work that is truly necessary to make an effective trial presentation and work that can be done, but does not actually enhance the presentation of your case to a jury. Consequently, our attorneys focus their time on preparing each case for trial, not litigating for the sake of billing the client.

By providing a frank assessment of the legal and factual strengths and weaknesses of your case, we seek to empower you to make informed and intelligent decisions. If you need legal representation, we will act on your behalf, aggressively and competently, to obtain the results you or your company needs for future success. We serve all of north and central Georgia.

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