Partner Nik Makarenko Secures  Favorable Verdict in Fulton County
July 2019

Partner Nik Makarenko recently tried a case in the State Court of Fulton County and received a favorable verdict for his client.   The Plaintiff was passing through Georgia in October 2013  when she exited I-285 at the Bolton Road exit.  As she was waiting to turn right  she was struck from behind by the Defendant who claimed she was going less than 5 M.P.H.  There was slight damage to the vehicles and there was no complaint of injury at the scene of the accident by the Plaintiff or Defendant. However upon returning home to Florida the Plaintiff  incurred nearly $140,000 in medical expenses. The Plaintiff was seen by medical doctors, chiropractors, a dentist, physical therapists, undergone Manipulation Under Anesthesia, received  epidural injections, and had multiple MRI scans to her neck, low back, head, jaw and left shoulder. Despite all this treatment the Plaintiff continued to complain of pain up to the time of trial and sought past, present and future pain and suffering damages. The defense admitted negligence in the cause of the accident however challenged that the cause of the Plaintiff’s pain and suffering was the car accident on Bolton Road. At trial the Plaintiff requested in excess of  $500,000 in medical expenses and pain and suffering damages. After deliberating for an hour, the Jury awarded the Plaintiff only $3,072.